J. CoCo Salon & Day Spa  offers a venue for local artists to showcase their work.  Pieces are displayed throughout the salon and day spa and are for sale.  Clients can also obtain information to contact the artist to commission other works of art. We welcome you to J. CoCo The Gallery located inside of J.CoCo Salon & Day Spa.


Many pieces will also be featured on this page of our website along with information about the local artists.  Please check back often for new featured pieces.

Featured Artist: Kirk Stewart


"Kirk Stewart is a photographer, artist and writer working in the Austin, Texas area. His series of black and white portraits is an exploration of beauty in imperfection. Each portrait is sourced from a failed photograph he has made. Whether it is out of focus, badly lit or poorly composed, each photograph was unusable in its own medium, yet there was some wonderful expression or moment of vulnerability that deserved more than deletion. The goal of these portraits is for people to see the vulnerabilities and openness in these faces and connect with those same things in themselves.

One of the most interesting parts of this portrait project is the artist's creation of the subject's hair. Each portrait, while it is sourced from photograph, is not precisely an accurate image of the subject. During the digital portion of the process, Kirk creates an entirely new hairstyle for each subject. You might call him a digital hairstylist! Creating and painting the hair accounts for about 80% of the project time. There are so many details, textures and razor thin strands that it sometimes requires several 8 hour workdays just to complete the hair!


For more information about Kirk and his work, visit his website at kirkrstewart.com, or stop by the salon to see some of his paintings hanging in our gallery."

"Waiting for it to come back to me"

Featured Artist:


We are always looking for local artists to feature in the salon and day spa areas.  If you are a local artist and would like a place where real people can view your work and even have the opportunity to sell your work, contact our Gallery Manager at 512-891-0420.