Massage Therapy


Our massage therapists will customize your massage to your liking. Our therapists are trained in many massage styles including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Acupressure, and Reflexology.


30 Minutes              $35

45 Minutes              $45

60 Minutes              $55

90 Minutes              $85



Deep Tissue Massage:


Deep tissue focuses on severe or chronic pain, not to be confused with a firm pressure Swedish. This is NOT a relaxation service. More specifically, deep tissue works the underlying muscles to get right to the source of a person's pain.


 30 Minutes                            $55

 60 Minutes                            $75

 90 Minutes                            $95


Pre-Natal Massage:


Prenatal massage is for women beyond their 1st trimester. Prenatal massage is side-lying only, which means you are never on your back or stomach during this massage. A Waiver is required prior to each session.


30 Minutes                                          $55

60 Minutes                                          $75

90 Minutes                                          $105


Hot Stone Massage:


Hot Stone uses the heat from the stones to fully relax and open up muscles.  This is a must try for those that want to experience the ultimate massage relaxation.


30 Minutes                                                        $55

60 Minutes                                                        $75

90 Minutes                                                        $105


Exfoliating Salt Glo                                            $40



Massage Services are by Appointment Only and only available on certain days.  Call 512-891-0420 for an Appointment.


Private Showers are available in Massage Rooms

Moroccanoil Experience This can be added to most massage services